I wonder at this moment everyone is feeling lazy at your home, some of you may be worried of money and maybe looking for work from home online jobs, some of you might be looking for passing your quarantine period with more entertainment.

Don’t worry!

Here we came up with 5 different ways to make money online from the comfort of your home… Yes, you can work from home and make at least $50 per day on this quarantine time with more entertainment.

I hope everyone going to love these methods.

so, before getting started here is a message for each and every one:

As covid-19 is one of the world’s biggest disasters right now please obey what the WHO is telling. Stay in your home take all the precautions and stay safe. Let us together break this whole chain and now it is the time for you to work for our mother planet earth.

So, without wasting your time lets get started:

1.Pay Per Click

work from home

This is one of the easiest and basic ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. The requirements for this method are just a mobile phone and a basic internet connection.

Here you can earn anyway around $10 -$15 per day just for clicking on ads isn’t that cool? have you ever thought working from online jobs is that easy?

How to do PAY PER CLICK or PTC online work?

There is plenty of PTC platforms available on the internet some of them are accessible only a few countries still there is many companies were you can work with. some of the sites are clixesnse, neobux, swag bux etc.

Check out this video for more understanding:

So, here are some pros and cons of PTC sites.



here is ma suggestion:

2.Amazon Mechanical Turk (get paid to complete tasks and surveys)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a completely different platform from its actual eCommerce store. Here in mturk, you can earn some decent money for completing small tasks and surveys.

if you are a beginner to this platform of online marketing or blogging then I will recommend you start with these kinds of money-making sites.

as this is an Amazon site it will be much better to start with.

Is mTurk a good way to work from home?

This is not the best way to work from home online. but still, you can work from home with amazon during your spare time and earn pocket money around $10-$50 per day.

Mathieu Turle

How can I work from home with Amazon MTurk?

To make money from Amazon mturk is that simple. goto their site called www.mturk.com. once you are there

Click on the get started with amazon mechanical Turk button.

after that, you will be redirected to the next page. From there select make money with us option and sign up for their program.

Once you are signed up to their program it may take some time to be approved to mturk.

Once you got approve to this `. you will be redirected to HITs(human intelligence tasks) page.

Here you can find that there are 746 of tasks available to do some times maybe more.

Each task or surveys will pay you around $0.01-$0.10 for completing single tasks.

The bonus part is you can do every single task for a hundred times, which means you can earn up to $10-$20 for each task.

Before doing tasks they will provide you with proper guidelines and tutorials for how to do it. so, that it will become much easier to complete the tasks.

Does mturk Just pay a few cents for completing each task?

No, they even pay over $7 – $20 for completing single tasks but it becomes a little difficult to get approved for such type of tasks. But once you have become familiar with Amazon mturk you will get approved for these types of tasks too.

To do this work goto reward section on the HITs page, from there you will find high paying tasks like this.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are for this are the same as PTC.

Also check out other 4 ways to work from home on amazon:

3.Animation Explainer Video

If you are good at editing or interested in making animation video this is for you (CAUTION! this doesn’t require special skills). This is completely different from above platform here you can make a passive income online ($100-$200/day).

All you need to do is a PC and a basic internet connection and follow these steps:

  1. Download Toonly app (for creating animation explainer video)
  2. sign up on Fiverr or Upwork
  3. Create your gig
  4. Start receiving the order
  5. Create animation video, with respect to their needs (using Toonly)
  6. Get Paid.

check out my this guide learn more



4.Stock Marketing

This is the best way among this to make lots of money in a short period of time based on your investment and skills.

Don’t get anxious because this is the stock market. So, you won’t be able to do this and if you do, you will lose money.

Nothing like that! This is one of the best platforms to work from home online, to make millions of dollars online very fast compared to other platforms.

Here you need is a proper mindset and best broker to get started as a beginner.

work from home using stock market

 “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”  

– Warren Buffett

Did you know?

I had no knowledge of the stock market when I first started stock market. however, I have seen my cousin brother making good money every day by trading. I used to wonder what he is doing. So, I sat near him and observed what he is doing.

then I saw something called IQ option where, many tabs were opened and he was trading in something called option.

There he had invested $10 (during that time) and clicks on ‘up’ and sometimes on ‘down’ at that he was having only $20. The next day when I came back to him his account was credited with $100 which made me shock and super excited to know how to do that. Moreover, I wanted to work from home online like him.

Then I asked my cousin brother to teach me how to get started on the stock market and I want to earn like you and make good money. And he asked me to install Iqption on my mobile phone and watch their tutorials and practice in the free account from there, once you are done with all the training videos and practiced in your demo account.

Now it’s your time to invest a few bugs and try to do the same thing what I,m doing.

Then I installed the IQ option and practiced in its demo account. but, what fun was that I did not even watch a single training video and started to trade in its free demo account where they gave me $10,000 as practice credit.

At first, I lost all the $10,000 credit which they gave me and I was feeling so bad for that. Later watched their training and got some ideas then started to trade in the same demo account (we can refill the demo cash). But, I was not that comfortable to invest in the real account so I just left trading and took a 2-month gap.

After 2 months I saw an ad on youtube of IQ option and me got goosebumps to start trading again. so, I started to trade again in the IQ option practice account.

I was so curious and so mean this time and had only one intention that was to make money.
work from home from IQ

Next day, I deposited $10 to my real account and started to trade and I made $5 more, this has increased me eager to trade more and what happened was my account lasted with $2 only *** this made me cry because I don’t know what to answer to, my father for the $10 which I borrowed from him.

But, I didn’t give up, as anyway, I lost the money I started invest that $1 in binary and pressed up and this time I doubled the many.

This gave me goosebumps and I sat in front of the laptop for 1 hour and the result was my account was credited with $20 which was so freaking cool. And this time what I did was I deposited that $10 back to my father’s account and I got some relief.

Now I have some ideas on how to make some real stuff from stocks. After 2 days my account balance was $160.

Isn’t that amazing? then who you are waiting for? start you stock market experience now and make a lot of money online.

Where to start trading?


IQ option: https://bit.ly/2xt1vkJ

Good luck!

Also, check out this quick video!



5. Start Your Own Blog

Millions of people make a good passive income by blogging.

Bloggers write blogs while they travel across the world and They earn money while sleep. This is the best thing about blogging.

This is how I earn a passive income online and live a boss free life.

Are You interested in passive income online?  You need a website. It’s The way to make money while you sleep.

Starting a website with Bluehost takes less than 20 minutes, costs hardly anything and can be done by 13 years old.

It only takes a bit of plugging on social media to get your first visitors, and there are plenty of ways to monetize your site.

I have shared a step by step guide to start your blog and make a good amount of money online at home in my other post.

Read my free guide to start a blog that makes $5763 online




In this blog, I have shared 5 proven ways to work from home online. The Internet is a big platform for everyone.

Anyone can work here and make lots of money here. If you are worried about not having money or something like that don’t worry, browse on your internet and do these methods.

If you are looking to make passive income and replace your day to day job.

Then, I will strongly recommend you to go with Blogging. this is the platform where thousands of people make their living and this is how I make money online. If you want any help for blogging you can definitely contact me or check out my guide.

Which method did you choose and why? mention that in the comment section below.

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