Hi, readers of futures, in this post I’m going to cover ‘How to plan your blog content for a year or for months’ and why it is important.

Many new bloggers do often stop blogging in the middle of their journey because they don’t have any pre-planned content for their blog.

How this happens that I will be explaining in my below content. So, without wasting your time lets get started!

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Why Should You Have A Pre-Planned Blog Content

Creating a solid content strategy for your new blog is such an important task. We all know how important these first impressions are.

We stare at our beautiful blog that we have just set up with a blank expression, asking, “What should I write about?”

You want to get traffic, you want to blow people away and you want to get people addicted to you.

If you do all three of these from the word go, the rest of your journey will be a breeze. The trouble is, it isn’t easy!

Picking a niche for your blog is one thing, but creating your initial content is where the real work begins.

I am going to show you the exact steps I take to create content that my audience wants to read.

You will also learn how to find an army of influencers that want to help you.

That is all you need at this stage!

You have content that people want to read and you have influencers that you can share your content with.

How To Plan Your Killer Blog Content?

1. Understand Your Audience

How To Plan Your Killer Blog Content?

Understanding your audience plays an important role in making your blog go viral.

When you plan your content strategy to launch your new blog you have to do your research. This will ensure your content appeals to your readers.

At this stage, you don’t have an audience but you should have an idea of what your blog is going to be about.

If you have an idea of who your audience is you can plan your content that appeals to them. This will help improve the engagement of the content and make it a lot easier to promote the content.

Suppose you are posted content of lean belly fat today and you got some viewers to that post and next day you are posting about the film review and the result is your losing your subscribers.

This is because the people who want to know about dieting may not need to hear about film review. they are subscribing to your blog because they found you as ideal to them.

But when you posted some different kind of topics they are more likely to move from you because they don’t want to get other not necessary notification from you rather than dieting.

This leads them to move from your blog to someone else blog so that their problem will be solved.

From these words, you might understand that understanding your audience is very necessary for planning content for your blog.

3. Create Your Content Like A Course

Create Your Content Like A Course

Now you know who your audience is. The next very important step is to Create Your Content Like A Course.

(CAUTION! this may not work for blogs like a review site, comparison site etc.)

In this module, you have to create a parent blog. Which leads to all other sub-blogpost. all of the posts will be

For Ex: check out my blog post “How To Start A Blog That Makes $5763 A Month 2019 (Beginners Guide)” which is a parent blog and all others are component of it even this post.

Importance of Planning Your Blog Content Like A Course

4. Perceive Your Niche

Importance of Planning Your Content Like A Course

I used the word ‘perceive your niche’ here because you have to learn everything about your niche or if are experienced will make much easier to write more content and make people addicted to you.

Always come up with new-new ideas that way your blog will be more popular and more useful for the visitors.

read more books, magazine, blogs, video and podcasts on your niche so you will be able to get more ideas on respected topics and what is the current trend.

Reading magazines is very helpful to your blog to create a beautiful title and sometimes designing your blog template to make your blog more attractive to your visitor.

you can also use buzz sumo tool for researching SEO friendly and attractive titles for your blog. I personally use this tool for all of my blog post.

This also helps me to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor

4. Creating An Editorial Calendar

Creating An Editorial Calendar

It is time to put those content ideas to good use.

You need to create a posting schedule that suits your lifestyle so that you can stay consistent.

It might sound awesome to post a new article every day. At this stage, you have no audience to feed your creative juices with awesome content ideas.

Plus posting daily makes it harder to promote each post properly.

I would say start with 8-12 posts per month, but these must be high quality. Your absolute best work.

Whatever schedule you choose, stay consistent and make sure it is doable for you!

Once you have your ideas you can use an editorial calendar like CoSchedule to plan their launch. I find adding post ideas into an editorial calendar helps to keep me accountable the majority of the time.

An example of a content calendar

If I didn’t do this I would be scrambling the night before and the quality of my article would slip!

I will always recommend you to go for co schedule to use an editorial calendar

Check The Trend Of Your Content

Use Google’s free tool Google Trend to research the trend of the content.

If your content is not in the trend then it is useless to blog on that topic.

For Ex blogging on iPhone 4 niche in 2019+ is really useless. no one is going to read your blog but when you blog on iPhone Xs max may be useful.

More about this topic I have written in my previous blog You can check it out here How To Find A Profitable Blog Niche In 2019 (Money Hacks)

plan you blog content trend

Bonus! Use Buzzsumo and Quora For Planning Your Blog Content


The best way to find content that your readers will respond to is to find content that has already performed well. You can find this type of content by checking out Buzzsumo. This tool will show you similar content based on how many people have shared it on social media.

If a post has produced a lot of shares then you can be sure the topic is one that your audience will like.

Go over to Buzzsumo and enter your niche or broad topic.

For example, let’s try the keyword “fix posture”:

plan your content buzzsumo-home.png

This is broad and will return the competition on the field!

Create a spreadsheet with the following columns:

Start filling it up with the content that appeals to you. This will become your swipe file for content ideas.

Search for a few broad keywords on Buzzsumo to get a decent amount of content ideas.

Quora best for content planning

When you start a blog you don’t have any audience to reach out to ask what they want to read. On Quora, you have a network of people asking questions about hundreds of topics daily.

Simply search for your broad topic and you will see a list of questions that include your keyphrase. This should generate some great questions for you to answer in your posts.

Plan Your Blog Content

Another way to use this Q&A site is to visit the topic pages and look at the Top Questions bit. These are the most popular questions related to the topic.

Type in a good few keywords that’ are related to your niche and start to add your ideas to your spreadsheet.

Look At What Your Competitors Do

Now we are going to put our broad keyword into Google. This will return the best content for that phrase.

The Google algorithm is a strange beast! One thing we know is that Google want to show the best and most relevant content to their readers.

So search for your keyword …

how to Plan Your Blog Content

Now at the bottom, you will see related keyphrases. Add these to your spreadsheet as they are content ideas that Google deems as relevant.


Now take the homepage URL of each result. Head back over to Buzzsumo and enter each URL, this will show you the best content from this website.

Smart Futures---buzzsumo-competition-search.png

As you do this you will start to see topics come up time and time again. These are hot topics and should definitely be on your list to create first.

By now you should have a pretty big list of ideas (I would say no less than 50). If you have less, repeat the process, try different phrases or even go to page two of Google. These don’t rank as high but it doesn’t mean they are useless!

I have seen some pretty great content ideas off the first page too.


Here are the 5 Simple Steps To Plan Your Killer Blog Content

If you find this post as useful please don’t forget to share this post and comment down below about your thoughts. and also Feel free to ask any doubt I will be Much happier to hear from you.

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