Hello guys, Today I’m going to show the easy way to make money from animation explainer video without any technical skills.

You guys may be wondering how can I make animation explainer video without any skills like drawing, coding, graphic design etc.

Don’t worry everything is done for your method, just follow my guide that is the only thing that you should do.

At the end of this post I bet you are going to make good money from it.

before getting started let us understand what is animation explainer video.

What Is Animation Explainer Video

In simple words, An explainer video is a short animated video commonly used by businesses to quickly tell their brands’ stories in a memorable way.

How do you reach an audience that’s bombarded with as many as 5,000 marketing messages every single day?

Well, you do it by creating easily digestible content that’s super-enjoyable to watch …

In other words, you do it using animated explainer videos, which have been proven time and time again to produce dramatically better results than other online sales mediums.

because, animation explainer video is good source to make more sales. big-big companies makes animation explainer video to reach their goal.

This resulted to the great demand in the market.

Companies hire you to make a beautiful animation video for them.

check out how a 2d animation explainer video looks like!

Without wasting you time lets get started…

How to make money from animation explainer video?

Well, its simple to make $195/day creating an animation explainer video. If you have a pc in your house You are a step ready for making decent money online.

Many people around the globe are making their living through these methods. I will show you the exact same method for you to make a living from this.

At last, you will be making $195 or more a day. Suppose if you count $150 a day as average, at the end of the month you will be having $4500. Which is a great deal?

Without wasting your time just copy these steps.

  1. Download Toonly app (for creating animation explainer video)
  2. sign up on Fiverr or UpWorks
  3. Create your gig
  4. start receiving order
  5. Create animation video, with respect to their needs (using Toonly)
  6. Get Paid.

1. How to make an animated explainer video?

how to make 2d anime video explainer.

It is just simple to make an animated explainer video in 2019+. You just have to download the Toonly app for your pc. which works for both win and mac.

Benifit of this app is everything is done for you in this app. you doesn’t needed to create the anime cgaracters or graphics for your animation. Everything that you need is there inside the app (full A-Z).

Your work is only to install the software and follow the below video and go through my guide to get clients and get paid.

check out her video for how to use toonly app.

I suggest you toonly is the best app for you to get started as a beginner, because most of other software cost you more and doesn’t provide this quality.

Toonly can cost you a small amount of money but I’m sure that you could make triple of that money at the first day. so dont hesitate to buy toonly.

none of the success comes without taking the risk. and I guess paying $20/month is not a big issue when you are getting paid$5000/month. Isn’t it?

For those who think it is not a good idea, I feel poor for you guys because sometimes it is good for you to take effort if you didn’t one day you will feel guilty for that bad decision you took.

As compared to me as an online marketer it is the smallest effort you can ever take.

So, whom to wait download your best affordable animation software now.

get my toonly app now

2. Join Fiverr.com or UpWork.com

These 2 platform is the place where you will get an order for your work. Both are the best freelance website to make money.

From these two websites, you can earn more money in UpWork. here clients hire you for the hourly based works.

Which means they pay you for every hour, I have put a screenshot of how much people earns money in upwork check that out.


you can see here that they earn almost $80-$90/hour which is a great deal. But I won’t suggest you start with upwork at first as a beginner.

I’m suggesting you go for Fiverr.com which is a great platform to start with as a beginner. here you can earn $195 per 30-sec video you create.

Once you got experience in this field you can try in UpWork too where you can follow your passion and live a boss-free life.

check out the screenshot on how much you can earn from fiverr.com

Check out his Daniel Hustles guide to set up the Fiverr Gig to get started

(!!! he is creating a gig on some other topic but you make sure replace it on 2d animation explainer video)

I will be putting detailed video and blog post in the upcoming days.

so make sure to subscribe to our blog so you can get an instant notification to our upcoming how to make money online post.

Now you have created your Gig you will start receiving orders. Once you get it, deliver them the best one you could make and live a happy living.

I’m wishing you the best of luck in your journey and have a happy life. For any further assistance don’t hesitate to contact me

If you have any question drop in comment section below I will replying to you.

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How to make money From animation explainer video? (No skills Required)

well it is easy to make $195/day by creating animation explainer video using toonly.

Toonly is the platform where you can create animation video without any skillls.

For learning how to create anime video in toonly check above youtube video.

The six steps to make money are:

  1. Download Toonly app (for creating animation explainer video)
  2. sign up on Fiverr or UpWorks
  3. Create your gig
  4. start receiving order
  5. Create animation video, with respect to their needs (using Toonly)
  6. Get Paid.

Get Toonly for best price ever from here Toonly app

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