I am inviting you to share your voice, strategies, findings, and experience with Smart Futures site readers. I am pleased to tell that I will start accepting guest posts! Let’s share knowledge together.

I want to expose your strategies, tools or secrets that have helped build your success to my readers, so they can follow and achieve the same. That being said, there are some rules and regulations:

What We Want

1. For all the guest blogs that I receive, I will propose changes and edits. I may make them for you, or you can make those edits. These edits may include structure, tone, content, links, length of the article, usage of additional media.

2. To make an article complete, many times, we have to recommend tools, resources or further readings or downloads. You are allowed to do so. However, too much is too much, so let’s put the readers’ interest first.

3. All articles and their content has to be copyright free.

4. You can also include a link to your blog or website in content. Or more if needed. But this is NOT a link building opportunity.

5. Articles must be written in English and well-proofread. Ideally, the post should contain a word range between 1500 to 2500 words. I will not accept posts below 1500 words and with too much grammar errors. Submitted contents should also not be self-promotional in any way for an enjoyable reading experience.

6. Kindly remember that basic formatting in the posts should be taken into consideration too. The headline, keywords, image where necessary, preferably in Word or Google Doc.

7. Your piece needs to be unique. I don’t want variations of old articles and don’t want reprints.

8. Your articles will go through plagiarism and grammar check.

What We Won’t Accept:

  • Sponsored Posts. If your article is highlighting or backlinking to anything other than your personal blog (the blog needs to have your name on it), I consider it a “sponsored post” and we charge $100 for these posts (any negotiated rates will be ignored).
  • Anything about loans, bank loans, etc. – We want to help people, not get them into more debt.

What You’ll Recieve:

  • Recognition on WalletSquirrel.com
  • One link back to your website
  • A large audience of amazing personal finance readers viewing your article!

Submit Your Article Here

If you want to submit a word document or pdf then send it [email protected].

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